What did I learn from the "bad girls" in Disney movies?

They have exaggerated egos, pathological jealousy, spectacular wickeds.

No matter what they do, they actually try to take control and remove the positive character from their path.Although in the world of Disney the good always wins, maybe, in fact, we didn't really understand these women that we were so afraid of when we were little.

In Childhood, we all wanted to be ourselves princesses.But can we all be princesses?

The evil stepmother, the Octopus woman... They all have admirable traits, which we missed.

ll are ambitious and have strategic thinking.... And after all, they deserve a little love.

Self-confidence, from Cruella de Vil

I know, it's hard to find any quality in the way of being a woman who wants to use some puppies in the name of fashion.

However, Cruella is perhaps the most confident woman I've ever met.

Everything about it demands attention, from the challenging fashion style to the eccentric design of its car.


In a world that created to the men the illusion of almost providental beauty, the appearance of Ursula has put all the beliefs of men to trial.

If I had understood her better, I should have learned from her,since I was little, to love my body as it is and to realize what she meant, in CHARACTERISITC style, with the famous phrase: "Do not underestimate the importance of body language. "


Also in real life there are women who would curse you for wonder what...

But what I like most about Maleficent is her ability to believe with all the being in her own beliefs and not to apologize for what she thinks, for what she believes.

These were just some of the bad girls in Disney movies, I hope you managed to get an idea of what I wanted to score,to say.

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