What are the 5 Most Important Things in a Relationship?

Fairy tales teach children about romantic love. The princess is in danger, the prince comes to the rescue, and they live happily ever after.

But as you grow up, you realise that love is not as simple as saving the person dear to you from her stepmother, an apple, or a curse. Love involves a lot of trial and error, meeting halfway, and swallowing one’s pride. Everything is complicated.

Just like any venture, a healthy, loving relationship has to have these essential ingredients.

1. Self-love

2. Respect

3. Trust

4. Openness

5. Passion

Love is of course an important thing in a relationship. But simply loving is not enough. You have to love passionately. 

When you do, things will fall into its proper places. That is, you won’t get tired of constantly going through challenges and making sacrifices together – because you are passionate with the love you have for your partner.

Choose to love passionately by turning a flaming fire into a slow burning one. That lasts a lifetime.

No one has ever gone wrong with these five. Go ahead, experience it yourself!



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