Raising children is not as simple as it sounds!12 tips from Maria Montessori to be the best parent.

  1. Children always learn from their surroundings and the parents are their best role models.

  2. Encourage your child often, and he or she will undoubtedly have a high self-esteem.

  3. Children who grow up confident learn to trust others more easily.

  4. Children who are often criticized learn to condemn and judge others.

  5. Parents who ridicule their children often will make them shy.

  6. Children who feel supported and safe will grow up confident.

  7. Do not speak poorly of your children, neither in their absence nor in their presence.

  8. Always respect your children even if they make mistakes. Everyone makes them. Your child will learn to correct them one day.

  9. If a child often feels shame (especially if it comes from the parents), he or she will learn to always feel guilty.

  10. Always listen carefully to your child. Answer if she or he asks you a question and reply to comments.

  11. When children understand that their opinion and ideas are always (or at least frequently) accepted, they feel good.

  12. Always help children if they need assistance and stay clear when they don’t.

Parenting is uneasy, and good parenting can seem even impossible.

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