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It can certainly be tempting to relax and unwind with a little wine or prosseco after dinner.But while a few drinks may make you fall asleep at first,alcohol gets metabolized quickly.

When the effect wears off,your quality of sleep is more fragmented.That means you'll have frequent,often unnoticeable wakeups that can leave you feeling zonked in the morning.

I don't drink alcohol,so this is not for me.

Light of the phone

Using a smartphone before bed interferes with melatonin,a hormone that tells your body it's time to sleep.

Ups….Let's be honests,who doesn't use the phone before???

Auch...Here in on.

Close your eyes & replay your day

Shifting into this unstimulated zone lets your brain feel safe powering down.

Honestly,many times I'm doing this.Because I can't fall asleep,instead of starting to count the sheep,I start and think of everything that happened that day.

I don't know when,how ,but in the end I fall asleep. :-)

Your ceiling Fan

This is interesting because I didn't know till now the thing with the pillows.

It carries allergens that aggravate your airways as you sleep,which can contribute to snoring,so be sure to dust it regularly.

Throw your pillows in the dryer on a fluff cycle every few weeks to help get rid of dander,dust mites,and other allergens.

Indulge before bed

A bath helped increase slow-wave.

When you get out of warm water,the contrast with the cooler air simulates how your body cools down at night.

Your temperature drops 1° or 2° during sleep,so cooling down signals that it's bedtime.

Kiss someone

Sex helps some people get to sleep.

If you have an orgasm,huzzah!That releases prolactin,a hormone that relaxes you.

Limit sugary food

I think this is a subject known by everyone.

Open the window

And the last

Eat magnesium

Make sure you are getting enough magnesium in your diet because this mineral helps calm the nerves and relax the muscles and this may give you a deeper sleep through the night.

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