"A woman with dignity offers more than she takes" - 10 qualities of a woman with attitude

Good to know for men and good to remember for women.

1. She can take care of herself

Such a woman attracts attention and causes respect. She can be held accountable for her actions and does not shoot arrows at others. Such a woman is reliable, hardworking and confident.

2. She feels comfortable in her body

She knows what she deserves and she is confident in herself. Although it may have complexes, it can look at itself in the mirror with pride. Such a woman is smart enough to understand that only what she thinks about her appearance is important.

3. She has a strong sense of independence

In other words, she doesn't need you - and she's fine. An independent woman does not rely on someone to meet her personal needs. She does not fall in love in such a way as to give her stability - financial or emotional. Such a woman enters into equal relationships - she wants to be supportive of you when needed, but also to feel your shoulder.

4. She is not egocentric

A woman with an attitude gives more than she takes, puts others first. In a relationship, such a woman is disinterested. He wants love, honesty and self-respect.

5. She is not interested in drama

A woman with dignity does not like drama, she is quite mature. Don't play children's games, don't make an elephant out of a fly, don't try to make you jealous.

6. It inspires you to be better

A woman with an attitude knows what you are capable of and will motivate you to achieve this. She wants you to realize your potential, because she loves you and respects your abilities.

7. She seeks to resolve the conflict

A mature and intelligent woman understands the inevitability of conflict. But when they appear, unlike others, she keeps calm and wants to find a solution, not just mess.

8. She has own opinion, but she's open to other opinions

She is not afraid to express her thoughts and defend her beliefs. And she tolerates the opinions of others. She is ready to listen, even ready to overestimate her opinion.

9. She makes a good impression

She is confident, intelligent, open, honest and faithful. Therefore, it makes a good impression on people, you will never be ashamed to show it, you will not be afraid that she will say or do something bad.

10. Feel how lucky you are to have met her

And who wouldn't feel that way, meeting such a woman? You should also be proud, because such a woman would not have accepted anyone. If she wants to share her life with you, consider hitting the jackpot!


Irina B. - Psyhologist

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